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Ultimate Detox Retreat

The Ultimate Detox Retreat is a Fast Track way to feel that all important ‘Buzz”, to cleanse and renew your body and mind.

We are unique in that there is no other programme that we know in The Costa Blanca that carries out ‘Colonics’ as part of a Detox Retreat, most of the retreats focus on food … we focus on cleaning the most important organ in your body – The Colon, which in turns affects the liver, gall bladder and stomach.

Recent research has found that 80% of your feel good hormones ‘Serotonin ‘ are found in the gut ,along with that research they also found that the gut produces more Melatonin than the Brain ( helps regulate sleep patterns) .Much has been researched on the gut bacteria ( microbiome ) that indicates that having a healthy gut is one of the most important things you can have to help your immune system, mental health and prevents against some of the major diseases including, Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Daibetes and Cancer.

Our Ultimate Detox Programme includes

  • Accommodation at our Retreat
  • Free pool towels / housekeeping
  • Food: Fresh Juices, salads and wholesome broths
  • Colonics: x3 Colonics over the course of your stay

  • Free one hour Relaxing Massage or Reflexology treatment
  • Daily activity: Yoga / meditation / gentle Stretches
  • Activities: We can plan one of our trips, see list (not included)
  • Free Airport pick-up (see exclusions)

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    Yoga Retreat

    If you’re looking for a yoga retreat in Spain, our Yoga Holiday offers small yoga sessions with tailored programmes suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Daily sessions are customised to your individual skill level and goals, and include instruction in asana (physical posture), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.
    This personal yoga and wellness retreat will allow you to fulfil a range of goals, such as addressing physical limitations, deepening existing practise or developing a regular home practise for beginners.

    The level is suitable for keen beginners, those with a lapsed practice & intermediate yogis.Our teaching style is relaxed – no pressure to be perfect. Likewise there’s no room for ego as it’s not what we’re about It doesn’t matter what other people can do,just work with what you have. Be patient, keep practicing and your body will open up & let you back in.

    As well as daily yoga sessions this programme also gives you the opportunity to try our Holistic Pamper & Bliss programme, and other activities.

    The Yoga Retreat Programme includes

    • All Breakfast and Evening meals, all made using fresh local produce
    • Accommodation, Pool Towels and Housekeeping
    • Daily Yoga, two 1 hr classes each day, once in the morning then at sundown
    • Daily Relaxation / Meditation

    • Optional Activity Package, including walks, hikes, kayaking in the mountains
    • Use of Pool, TV / DVD
    • Optional Treatments at our Clinic including Massage, Reflexology, Reiki etc.
    • Free pick up and return Airport Transfers (various shuttle times)

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    Healing & Renewal Retreat

    Your Pamper and Bliss Holiday.

    De-stress and Re-energise on this Healing Holiday by renewing your energy and releasing your stress. Experience a range of Asian holistic healing traditions, and other Holistic therapies with daily activities.

    As well as helping to relieve stress, this programme introduces you to vital energy practices that can support a more balanced approach to life, and incorporates a Full Health Analysis, enabling us to identify the strengths and weakness of your body and Mind and offer guidance for change, towards better health and well-being.

    Lie back in the sun, relax, choose one of your daily massages or holistic treatments, this is what you deserve, you are worth it. Join us on our Healing Retreat today, you will feel so much better.

    Our Healing & Renewal Programme includes

    • All Breakfast and Evening meals, with freshly prepared local produce
    • Accommodation /Pool Towels/Housekeeping
    • Comprehensive Health Analysis Screening
    • Full Holistic Lifestyle Consultation
    • One Deep Tissue Massage
    • One Hot Stone Lava Shell Massage
    • One Traditional Reflexology Treatment
    • Optional Detox Package with Colonic Irrigation
    • One Egyptian Seikhem Reiki Healing Treatment

    • Daily Educational Classes, including simple natural techniques for transforming our everyday experience from anxiety to stress to acceptance, flow and release and transformation, essential skills for life
    • Daily Yoga or Tai Chi class
    • Daily Relaxation/Meditation class
    • Optional Activity Package, including walks, hikes, kayaking in the mountains
    • Use of Pool, TV/DVD
    • Free pick up and return Airport Transfers (various shuttle times)

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    Order your Healing & Renewal Retreat here now

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    View our range of Activities & Treatments for your Retreat

    Example of Daily Programme

    8.30 am: Yoga / meditation / gentle stretching / energy exercises
    9.30 am: Breakfast
    10.30 am - 12pm: Booked Treatments or relaxation / gentle walks
    1 pm: Lunch
    2pm - 6pm: Treatments / relax
    7pm: Evening meal
    8.30pm: Outdoor cinema / musical Instrument evening / interesting talks / dance night / sunset gazing / games night

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