Holistic Wellbeing Retreats in Spain

Complementary Health Treatments

We offer a selection of Complementary Health Treatments at our purpose built Clinic, which are available during your stay and include:

We also can arrange Yoga and Pilates classes.

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

If you are suffering from muscle tension that has not been helped with the more gentler massage techniques then deep tissue/sports type of massage might be the answer. During deep tissue massage the pressure is stronger and more focused on the problematic areas that have been identified, but at end of the massage you will feel relaxed and free from muscle aches and tension.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage is a relaxing massage using specially blended pure essential plants oils to help reduce stress, anxiety and decrease muscle tension .

Warm Lava Shell Massage

Your trip to paradise will begin with a massage oil to your body,with the heated Lava Shells held in the palm of your therapists hands, they will use light massage strokes with the heated Lava Shells, this blissful warming sensation combined with the smooth surfaces of the tiger clam shells will make you never to want to get off the massage table ! The result – a Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Relaxed You !

Lava Shells owe their magic to a mix of minerals, dried sea kelp, dead sea salts and essential oils, this blend when warmed in the Lava Shells creates a chemical reaction inside the shell when heated, gives off calcium ions which leaves the skin looking firmer and more fabulous.

A pure indulgent treat for your whole body.


Reflexology is a technique that is used to work on specific points of your feet or hands which are believed to correspond to organs and meridian pathways, by applying light pressure to specific areas on your feet or hands - known as reflexes - the practitioner can gauge what areas of your body are out of balance and re balance them. Reflexology is relaxing and soothing and helps to restore overall balance to the whole body.

Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a powerful whole body treatment that uses gentle rolling movements over the muscles, fascia, tendons and soft tissue using the practitioner's thumbs and fingers and is designed to stimulate the nerve pathways, relax and release muscle tension in the whole body .

Most people find the whole experience relaxing, and it has been able to relieve long term muscle tension and, back and neck pain where other therapies have failed.


Kinesiology is an umbrella term for a rapidly expanding group of healing modalities that uses muscle testing/muscle monitoring to access information from the body/mind/energy system to get a holistic picture of what the body/mind/energy system needs to bring it back to balance.

No two sessions are the same ,as an ‘Holistic System’ a practitioner using muscle testing may find that a certain belief system or thought pattern keeps repeating itself and is affecting mental health, at the same time that may be affecting energy flow through the meridian pathways, cells may be affected and their spin reversed, the practitioner may also find in that same session that a certain food is causing problems or there is a vitamin deficiency, once those areas of the ‘issue’ are identified the practitioner uses a set of ‘tools’ or ‘techniques to bring the body/mind/energy system back into balance.

Kinesiology is a true Holistic System of health, people who have had Kinesiology have reported benefits in their ability to function better intellectually, release of negative limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns and an increased sense of self confidence amongst other things they feel lighter, energised and happier.

Bio Resonance

Dr Voll, along with six other physicists, measured the body’s frequencies. With the human body resonating in the harmonic range between 10hz and 150khz, it was found that hormones vibrate in the 10hz range, immune system 67khz, nerves 100khz, and the brain 150khz.

Modern living, especially stress, changes the natural rhythm of our bodies. The result? The different parts of our bodies are no longer humming at their native frequencies and imbalances set in. Viruses, bacteria, toxins, unhealthy stress response, and EMF frequencies can interfere with the proper cellular resonance which can affect the cellular function. This leaves an environment primed for dis-ease.

Developed by quantum physicists and medical doctors in the late 1970s and used by therapists worldwide, Bio-Resonance is a safe non-invasive way to address the pathological energy sources of disease. A Bio Resonance Device scans the body and tests for imbalances by analysing a person’s oscillations or energy patterns and uses a vast database of frequencies which it uses to identify the causes of the imbalance.

Therapy is simple – remove the incorrect frequencies and input the correct ones, as Practitioners we can imprint the frequencies in a formula for you to take, or imprint on a patch that you wear, or imprint on a crystal that you carry . This means that the correct frequencies are sent to the body also to “remind” it and entrain it to its original blueprint frequencies. Because everything is energetic, Bio- Resonance can be used for just about everything giving you a clear idea of what is out of balance in your bodies energy system.

We use Bio Resonance to offer you:

  • Complete Body Scans and Health MOT’s
  • Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing
  • Chakra Analysis and Meridian Function
  • Cell Integrity and Organ Weakness
  • Nutritional Analysis – Protein/Carb/Fat/Sugar digestion
  • Digestive Health Analysis

and so much more.


There are over 100 different types of Reiki being practiced throughout the world today. Reiki is a form of healing which scans your energy system ( chakras, meridian flows, blocked energy patterns) and uses hands on/hands off healing to bring back balance to any out of sync energies that the practitioner picks up in your energy field.

Seichem Reiki is from the Egyptian word Sekhem and is an Ancient and Sacred advanced form of hands on healing and was taught in the temples of Ancient Egypt. The difference between Usui Reiki and Sekhem is that Usui Reiki practitioners are attuned only to the earth elemental ray and use only 3-4 symbols and Sekhem practitioners are attuned to all four elemental rays - Earth, Fire, Water and Angelic Light - and use up to 24 symbols to help heal the energy system.

Reiki works on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual to bring harmony and balance to the whole body. Ancient symbols are used which carry energetic instructions for healing which are recognised by the energetic field.

Holy Fire© Reiki is a type of Reiki energy and a system of healing based on Holy Fire Energy mentioned in Ancient texts, this energy is very powerful and can be helpful in all situations requiring cleansing.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a complete cleaning of the colon with carefully regulated temperate water that is filtered and purified, cleansing the colon of poisons, gas and accumulated food deposits which cling to the side of the colon walls. It is completely safe and all equipment used is disposable.

Some Facts...

  • 80 % of your Immune System is in your Colon
  • 80% of your feel good hormones ‘ Serotonin’ is based in your Colon, not your Brain; the Colon is the Second Brain
  • Most of your ‘Melatonin’ ( the hormone that helps regulate sleep) is produced in your Colon
  • Recent and ongoing Gut Microbiome Research indicates that your Colon is responsible to your whole mid and body health
  • You carry out least 5 – 25lbs of waste material in your colon even if you go to the toilet every day!

  • About The Colon

    The Colon is an extremely important organ, waste material which has remained in the colon for sometime,(impacted faeces, accumulated mucous, parasites, dead cellular tissue) poses several problems, first this waste is literally quite TOXIC, and can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel unwell, tired or weak. Second the impacted waste impairs the colons ability to assimilate minerals, and finally a build up of waste can stop the muscles moving the waste forward causing constipation and sluggish bowel.

    The Colon removes the by-products of digestion, helps absorb vitamins and minerals (the goodies) into our body to give us energy and rids the body of the waste (the bad) that our body does not need.

    The delicate balance of the Colon can easily be disturbed by a number of factors, including stress, poor diet, certain drugs and exposure to toxic substances. This toxic environment can contribute to many chronic conditions:

    • Constipation
    • Diarrhoea
    • Bloating
    • Diverticulosis
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Sinusitis
    • Headaches

    • Flatulence
    • Skin Problems
    • Bloating
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Fatigue
    • Candida

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