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Holistic Wellbeing Retreats in Spain

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Courses & Activities

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Algar Waterfalls

Algar Waterfalls

A journey that takes you high up in Sierra Callosa Mountains ,The Algar waterfalls are stunning and well worth a visit, a natural wonder and paradise on earth ,dive and swim in the natural pure waters of the river Algar. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants to eat and a few tourist shops selling local produce of the area.

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Island of Tabarca, Boat trip and Snorkling

We start with taking a short drive to Santa Pola a lovely fishing village and catching the Boat to the Island of Tabarca which is only 20 minutes from the mainland. Tabarca is a small archipelago in the past it was a refuge for the Berber Pirates, in the late 18th Century King Juan Carlos 3rd ordered the town to be fortified and a town built to house the Genovese fisherman who were being held prisoner in the Tunisian City of Tabarka.

The Island has now been declared an Historical and Artistic Site of importance. Tabarca is a beautiful white washed Island with crystal clear blue seas , and offering fantastic snorkelling in its many coves,as well as offering wonderful seafood restaurants and array of small tourist shops.

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Walking Tour of the Alicante ‘City of Light’

The historical port region, Alicante, has been inhabited by people for thousands of years, and has seen the likes of the Romans, Visigothic warlords, and Moorish invaders which have all left their mark on the city. Come and explore the hidden history as we uncover the history, legends, and secrets of Alicante’s turbulent past. But we don’t just cover the past! Alicante also boasts a bustling cultural, and gastronomic scene.

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Wine Tasting and Bodega Tour

We are very lucky in this area as The Costa Blanca and Murcia regions have some of the best wine in the whole of Spain, we have several favourite bodegas that we like to visit. We will choose one that suits ,you can choose to see then grapes growing, how they are processed and stored as well as tasting some amazing wines along the way.

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Tablao Flamenco Evening

A tablao is a place where flamenco shows are performed and also tablao is the term used for the platform floor in which a flamenco dancer dances. Tablao venues were developed during the 1960s throughout Spain replacing the cafés cantantes.

Visit a traditional Tablao Flamenco ,which is an very intimate evening of powerful dance and song.

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Walking Tours

Walking tours usually take place between September and June, as you can imagine July and August is just too hot for a long hike.

There are some amazing walks ranging from 7 miles to 12 miles, ask us for our list of current walk availability when you visit.

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Activities at The Resort

If you just want to stay at the Resort we have plenty of board games, cards, table tennis, boules, table football, archery, badminton and swing ball and a small Library of books.

Talks and Presentations

Your hosts are Professional Health Practitioners and have over 30 years of experience, we also have learned and studied with some amazing beings, and follow a Spiritual Life that believes that everything is connected ‘what you think, you are’ ’what you create ,you become’, ‘what you give, you receive threefold.

Our Talks & Courses can include


This means ‘to make right’ or to ‘rectify’ an error . Ho’o means ‘cause’ in Hawaiian,and ponopono means ‘perfection’. According to ancient Hawaiian, ‘error’ arises from thoughts that are tainted by painful memories from the past. Ho’oponopono offers a way to release the energy of these thoughts, or errors which cause imbalance or disease.

The Ho’oponopono is a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutations, it is a petition to ‘love’ to void and replace toxic energies with its self. Love accomplishes this by flowing thorough the mind, beginning with the spiritual mind, the superconscious. It then continues its flow through the intellectual mind, the conscious mind freeing it of thinking energies. Finally it moves into the emotional mind, the subconscious, voiding the toxic emotions and filling them with its self pure ’love’.

Belief Systems and Self Healing

It is scientifically proven that harmful thoughts affect your health and create disease, but there is little help from Health Authorities that focus on improving our mental health by offering CBT or counselling.

In this half day course we will look at our current thinking patterns and beliefs, where they come from and how they affect the body, we will offer some excellent self-healing process you can do to clear the belief systems that are playing in your mind. You will leave with a deeper self-knowledge about your sub conscious workings ,as well some useful everyday tools to raise your consciousness and change your world.

Learn Reiki

We are accredited with William Rand’s International Center for Reiki Training and offer certificated training in Reiki 1,2 3 and Masters. Reiki is a gentle healing skill which can be used as a self healing tool or used on others.

On the Reiki Course you will also be introduced to Reiki Holy Fire attunements.

Ask your Body: Muscle Testing and Energy Balancing

On this course you will discover how to use muscle testing on yourself to ask your body/mind questions: am I eating the right food for my body? How much sleep do I need? What is the best foods to eat? Do I need to take supplements ? How much exercise do I need and what type and for how long? What remedies would be right for me now? What type of play would be good for me? Do I have any Food sensitivities or Intolerances?

As well as muscle testing , we will cover simple and effective energy balancing techniques to bring your body into balance. By the end of the course you will have learnt the methods to tap into your body’s mind and find out the many answers your body wants to tell you.

This is either full-day or half-day course.

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